About Us

soy wax candles from dopely lit

Candles are the ultimate accessory to any space. They have the power to light up a dark space and provide a calming energy. And a great scented candle? Well, that’s just the greatest mood changer.

And that’s why I launched Dopely Lit. 

Dopely Lit is a home fragrance line featuring scented candles. 

  The scents I have chosen are meant to invigorate your space so that you can find the inspiration to be great in your life. If you need to relax after a long day of work so that you can help your children with their homework, New New is going to light up your space and ease your stress. And if you are working on your side hustle and need some constant good vibes, Dope will help your dream become a reality. 

But Dopely Lit is more than just some great smelling candles. These candles are my way of showing how I care about the environment. Our candles are made from natural soy wax and are free from additives. With a 50 hour long burning time that keeps your air clean, you’ll be sure to enjoy a scent that creates a long-lasting relaxing energy in your personal space. Consider us an affordable luxury.

My Why

I believe greatly in the power of legacy and building generational wealth for my children. One of the greatest reasons that I started Dopely Lit is so that my children can learn how to live for their passion and do good works in the world. 

Everyday that Dopely Lit is in the world, I am fueling my passion as an entrepreneur and I’m inspiring my children to find their own soul satisfying projects.