Levels gift box
Levels gift box

Levels gift box

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The levels gift box contains one 8 oz candle, with combined notes of Lemongrass, Bergamot, Yuzu and verbena, it’s a bright and welcoming scent. Levels will awaken your senses 

Along with the Candle you get, two crystals that very in size, A smudge stick, A Palo Santo Stick, A pen, Matches, two Vision Board cards and two information carcs explaining the crystals the Sage stick and Palo Santo Stick.

When to use Levels the gift box

When you are trying to set the tone for your day , week or even year.


when I curated this box I was thinking forward movement, and how I  could stay motivated and inspired others. This box was put together with love and details. It’s the perfect gift for  yourself or someone else.